9-Year-old boy considered a hero

ELKHART, Ind.-- A 9-year-old boy is considered a hero tonight after resusitating his great grandmother.

Logan Nunez performed rescue breathing on his unconscious grandmother while his mom dialed 9-1-1.
When EMT's arrived on scene, grandma Cora was breathing and alert.
In a classroom of 4th graders, saving a life, is something they usually do on their Playstation 3.
But for Logan, it was bit too realistic.
“She was gonna die," said Logan.  "That’s the only thing that went through my head.”
Logan’s 79-year-old great grandmother collapsed on her way to the bathroom on Saturday night. She called out for help before going unconscious. But, when Logan and his mother found grandma Cora, she wasn’t breathing.  
“My mom started panicking and I told her to call 9-1-1 and she did it, and then I did rescue breaths on [my great grandmother].”
Like all Elkhart County 4th graders, Logan had gone through Basic Aid Training, a program sponsered by the American Red Cross. Back in Novemeber he learned CPR and other emergency aid techniques.
“It was easy. You just calm down, do the rescue breaths and wait for 9-1-1 to get there.”
But what seemed easy for Logan, is heroic for most.
“He reacted," said Amanda Yost, Logan's mother. "And for me to be the one to panic and for him 9-years-old to run and try to save her is like the biggest gift in the world. I’m so proud of him and I love him with all my heart.” 
Logan’s great grandmother was taken to the hospital on Saturday but has since been released. The family says she is still recovering and will be celebrating her 80th birthday on Friday.


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