A day of action in South Bend brings community fair and town hall

NOW: A day of action in South Bend brings community fair and town hall


It was a day of action.  The Century Center in Downtown South Bend was jam-packed Sunday afternoon, as community members sought ways to make change in policies and society.

"[To] bring a community together about things that we're all passionate about, and things that impact me personally, but also hear from other experts about what is going on," says Kate Sanders, one of the hundreds of people who attended both the community action fair and the town hall.

"To me, now is  the time to stand up, if there ever were a time in my lifetime, to stand up for the rights we should have, and the opportunities we should have," she adds.

That is why the action fair as scheduled right before the town hall, to engage as many people as possible. 

Fair organizer Carmella Vizza says many people want policy change, and this is the way to do it.

"We're seeing a really huge increase in people being fired up, and wanting to get more engaged after this past election," she says. "To meet and be putting that energy, excitement, and enthusiasm towards good use."

While people mingled at the fair, talking to various local groups about what they believe is important, they all readied themselves for the main event: the town all on healthcare.

Elliot Rosen helped organize the town hall.  He says it's important that people are informed on what could happen if health care laws change. 

"A lot of people were very concerned about attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act," he explains."Hopefully, they can be active and impact some sort of positive change."

Despite being disappointed by the empty chair where Representative Jackie Walorski should have been, there was on mutual feeling share throughout the building: hope.

"I hoe today accomplishes what it is already accomplishing. That people talk to each other who they don't know, get to know other groups and what they're doing," says Sanders.

"[I'm] starting to become hopeful. Hopefully, there is a way to improve the situation and make the country better," adds Rosen.

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