Accident causes gas leak and injures child in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--St. Joseph County Emergency Crews are responding to an accident on Dubail and Catalpa Streets in South Bend.

An accident between a truck and a car sent the truck into a nearby house, causing a gas leak.

A person distracted by the accident, then ran over a child at Dubail and Chapin Streets.

The area is being evacuated by firefighters going door to door because of the leak.

Firefighters have  blocked off traffic and evacuated homes from Catalpa to Indiana, down Chapin. Up Chapin to Ewing and to Catalpa again, about a block-and-a-half each way.

NIPSCO is on the scene working on getting the gas leak fixed.

Dispatch told ABC 57 News that medics were on scene with the child but no other information is available at this time.

We have ABC 57 Team Coverage of this breaking news and will have more for you coming up at 10 on The CW 25 and at 11 on ABC 57.

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