After decades of business, The Bucket in South Bend is for sale again

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A beloved South Bend restaurant, The Bucket, situated right on the St. Joseph River, is now on the market.

Built in the 1970s and previously known as The Oaken Bucket, it's now known mostly for its outdoor patio and riverside bar.

Jim Dunn, a local who frequented the place for nearly 25 years, hopes to see the restaurant return to its former glory.

The establishment was bought by the Navarre Hospitality Group in 2021, when they transformed it into a tiki bar with a Polynesian menu.

Dunn thinks the switch to a Polynesian theme back in 2021 led to the restaurant's downfall. 

“I didn't think this branding would work around here which obviously it didn't because the restaurant is now up for sale," said Dunn.

The restaurant closed for the season back in October and was planning to reopen in the spring according to their Facebook page, but now it's for sale.

If you're interested, the property is listed for $725,000.

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