Another threat occurs at an Elkhart High School

ELKHART, Ind.-Just a couple of weeks into classes and an Elkhart High School is already tackling serious safety concerns.

 Thursday, a student found another bomb threat at Concord High. There was a threat in November and again in May. The student found the threat on a bathroom wall which read, "I'm going to blow up the building tomorrow at 9:30.” Officials are not sure when the threat was written.

 Police dogs searched the building after school and did not find anything. Members of the Concord Dance Team were practicing when teachers told them to leave. One dancer says she's not sure what to think anymore since she's getting used it.

Just Monday, Elkhart Memorial High School had rumors circulating of a shooting after a huge fight broke out there Friday. Still deputies say it is safe for students to go to school today. Entrances will be limited, and backpacks will be searched.

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