Arthur Havlicek discusses the new state COVID Relief Program

NOW: Arthur Havlicek discusses the new state COVID Relief Program

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – President and CEO of the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber Arthur Havlicek joins ABC57 to discuss the new state COVID-19 Relief Program in Michigan.

ABC57’s Brian Conybeare interviewed Havlicek to breakdown how small businesses can get help through this program.

Conybeare brings up how smaller companies can apply for the program; how badly members are struggling or on the verge of closing for good; the difference between the program providing grants instead of loans; if businesses can get help with the second round of the federal paycheck protection program that was just approved in Washington; and whether $20-$40 thousand for entertainment venues be enough until the economy is fully reopened?

On the differentiation between providing small businesses with grants instead of loans, Havlicek says it means a world of difference.

“That means a world of difference. Loans have to be repaid and grants are forgiven and it will take some time for these businesses to get back on their feet,” said Havlicek. “These grants help them stay afloat, but they are not lifesavers by any stretch.”

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