Beacon Health gears up for potential Coronavirus cases

NOW: Beacon Health gears up for potential Coronavirus cases

GRANGER, Ind.--- Beacon Health System is preparing in the event that a case of Corornavirus is diagnosed in Michiana. There have been 108 confirmed cases in the United States, but most of them have been in Washington State.

Tuesday, Beacon Health showed up special masks and suits to protect doctors and nurses along with negative pressure isolation rooms for patients. "The importance of a negative air flow room is it doesn’t allow the air in the room to go outside of the room to where other patients are being nursed," said Dr. Sam El Datati, Chief Medical Officer of Beacon Health System. 

Dr. El Datati says the most at risk for fatal effects of the virus are the elderly, and those with heart conditions. Dr. El Datati also says that children under the age of 15 seem to be resistant to the virus. 

As far as prevention is concerned, Dr. El Datati says that hand washing is the best way to prevent the virus from spreading. "That’s the most important thing you can do," said El Datati, "At this present time, there’s no evidence that wearing a face mask, if you’re not a patient if you’re not already infected with the virus, does anything to protect you."

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