Benton Harbor High School teachers speak out in support of principal

NOW: Benton Harbor High School teachers speak out in support of principal

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - Benton Harbor High School teachers and students rallied around Principal Donald Pearson at the School Board meeting Tuesday night, after hearing that his contract might not be renewed.

Pearson is one of five educators who was told in March that the board was considering not renewing their contracts.

Nearly 40 high school teachers signed the above letter to the board in support of their principal.

They read that letter to the board Tuesday.

“We are here to support our principal, Mr. Pearson. I wouldn’t be here if I felt our principal wasn’t doing a good job," said BHHS security guard, Donnel Kyles.

The board is still deciding whether or not Principal Pearson, who's been in charge for less than two years, will be leading the high school after 2018.

“He is an example of someone who understands what it takes to run a school is the opinion of the staff at the high school that the continuous removal of the person at the top is just not working for us," said BHHS teacher Shay Briggs-Sternaman.

High school junior Dyesha Moore agrees, adding she's seen an attitude shift in their hallways under Pearson.

“He has made such a difference in not just my academics, in my drive to get where I want to be, but all around in the school...Kids are starting to take their education seriously, and that’s what matters most," said Moore.

Teachers are also pushing on the entire school community to agree on what step to take next.

“I’m up here hoping that we can work together, because if we don’t work together, then the school is not going to get better," said Kyles.

The interim superintendent said she "does not want to comment at this time" about whether or not the principal's contract would be renewed.

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