Benton Harbor mayoral candidate arrested

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - Dennis Knowles, a Benton Harbor mayoral candidate, was arrested Thursday at Benton Harbor’s City Hall. Knowles says it’s a ploy to keep him from running.

Knowles, currently a city commissioner is facing a misdemeanor charge for malicious use of a telecommunications device. According to Berrien County court documents, he threatened to blow-up someone’s house in August.
Knowles himself admits to making a angry phone call to the victim. “I did blow up. I did curse her out on the phone for what I knew they were doing.” he says. According to documents obtained by ABC 57 News, it was five calls Knowles made on August 9th. The police complaint says he was name-calling, even threatening to blow-up the person’s house.
“I had a deep concern about my lady friend receiving drugs, Vicodins, from these individuals,” Knowles says. He claims he was upset with the person giving prescription drugs to his addicted girlfriend. The warrant documents read differently. They say Knowles was upset the individual for not contacting the girlfriend.
A warrant was filed for Knowles' arrest and Benton Township police served it at City Hall Thursday.
“This is a devise being used to get rid of Dennis Knowles,” Knowles says. He says the arrest is a tactic to end his political run. Knowles has been leading recall Congressman Al Psholka efforts and jail time would oust him from his commissioner spot and mayoral campaign. “Always the one who’s vilified is not always the villain," he says. "The one that’s vilified is sometimes the good guy. In this case I am the good guy.”
If convicted Knowles faces a maximum sentence of six months in prison for the charge.

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