Benton Harbor's new art projects pay homage to technology's influential inventors

David Ravitch

David Ravitch

David Ravitch

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - Ravitron unveils an interactive art tour, plus a new mural that the whole community-even kids-took part in. 

In partnership with Benton Harbor Arts Association and Neighbors Organizing Against Racism (N.O.A.R), the whole community is invited to an open house as Ravitron unveils their new mural referencing lesser-known figures in technological advancement. 

The mural, titled "History of Technology" will feature Granville T. Woods, an African American man born in 1856 who invented the induction telegraph, which carried voices over telegraph wires. His invention helped speed up communication and prevent train accidents. Thomas Edison challenged his patent and Woods defeated him. 

Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr is also featured on the mural as a precursor in modern technology with her invention of a frequency hopping communication system, which would later be used for the cell phone. 

Ravitron owner David Ratvich wanted to create a mural with a lasting impact on the community, so he enlisted the help of local artists Eric Bradford and Jessica Hightower. They, in turn, involved kids from the local Boys and Girls Club. 

"We got this idea to put a mural on the building, then the pieces fell into place," said Ratvich. "Eric and Jessica took an idea that I mentioned and created something so impactful and inspiring,”

The event will take place on August 24 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at 276 Colfax Ave., Benton Harbor, MI. 49022.

The event will also include refreshments and music by Noah Privett. 

For more information, visit Ravitron's website. 

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