BHAS asking community members for feedback on latest proposal

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Officials with Benton Harbor Area schools want to hear from community members. 

The district just put a survey online that asks parents, business owners, and others to give feedback on the state’s latest plan to improve the district. 

The survey is short and asks people to give their opinion on the proposal and what can be improved. 

It’s the most recent development in a story ABC57 has been closely following. 

At a meeting last week, the state proposed an advisory committee be established. If approved by the school board, the committee would evaluate the district and create a list of recommendations for its future. 

BHAS says the honest and constructive feedback from the survey would help the committee for the plan. 

“We have to have an opportunity to fix what’s broken,” said Tony Blackmore. 

Blackmore lives in Benton Harbor. He plans to take the survey. 

“I believe in getting the people active,” said Blackmore. “To me that’s the answer: getting the people active and allowing them to fix their own problems. I don’t believe in coming and fixing someone else’s problems if I can help you fix your own.” 

Blackmore wants to see more collaboration between the state, district, and community. He hopes his neighbors fill out the survey.  

“I would talk to the people,” said Blackmore. “That’s always a better solution than forcing something down someone’s throat. I would probably set up a not in Benton Harbor, not in Lansing, someplace off campus, have a conference, brainstorm, come up with something that’s feasible for both parties.”

“I just hope it still stays open,” said Shannon Gibbs. 

Gibbs’ granddaughter is a second grader within BHAS. She says she will fill out the survey. Gibbs likes the idea of the board and hopes they create a concrete plan that includes programs that keep kids busy after school. 

“They need to have stuff for Benton Harbor, for kids, to have fun,” said Gibbs. “It’d be good for them to have something to do.”

The survey is open until Wed. Aug 28. To learn more about the state’s proposal or fill out the survey, click here.

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