BHAS begin effort to boost graduation rates

NOW: BHAS begin effort to boost graduation rates

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – Benton Harbor area schools have been plagued by low graduation rates but they’re putting together a plan to address the concern. 

Currently 58 students are not on track to graduate, that’s nearly one third of the senior class. 

The School’s leadership says the new code of conduct policy, implementing “student driven programs”, along with addressing truancy is a part of the remedy.

 “There is a disease in our community, it’s called education and we are trying to pass it around, we must it is imperative that we make it contagious” Benton Harbor area Schools Truancy specialist Felicia Harvey said. 

Benton Harbor Area Schools leadership says their plan will address the lagging graduation rates.

The Benton Harbor school’s graduation plan for students who have fallen behind are as follows: 


  • Attend school for a fifth year
  • Earn credits through summer courses
  • Transfer to the Dream Academy where the credit requirement is 19 instead of 22
  • Work towards a GED
  • Staying in school until age 19 to earn the 22 credits

Superintendent Dr. Robert Herrera said the goal is getting everyone to succeed. 

“We have to begin to commit to more continuous improvement because the solutions to the problems we are identifying today, those solutions will just be future problems if we don’t commit to moving forward” Herrera said. 

Each plan is currently being rolled out but Benton Harbor Area Schools leadership says they will work with each family individually to create unique solutions. 


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