BHAS CEO and school board working to improve communication

NOW: BHAS CEO and school board working to improve communication

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – Benton Harbor Area Schools CEO Dr. Robert Herrera and the school board are looking to improve communication.

“Last year I think there wasn’t enough clarity and so now I think they’ve clarified things so we can move forward and work together so it’s not just a leadership role for the superintendent but it’s a Board and Superintendent jointly,” Benton Harbor Area Schools school board member Joseph Taylor said.

The State of Michigan removed a majority of day-to-day power from the school board and gave it to Dr. Herrera.

Dr. Herrera is tasked with leading the way in turning the school district around and school board members say they have an action plan to work together to implement it.

“Moving the district in the right direction in the next two to three years, identifying a strategic plan so it’s like in the past we voted to do this type of agenda or consortium if you will but now we’re just gonna move forward with how do we plan for the districts success,” Taylor said.

The common goal shared at Tuesday’s Benton Harbor Area Schools CEO meeting with school board members and the Superintendent was the desire to see improved results, soon.

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