Blackthorn Golf Club calling all golf lovers to volunteer at upcoming tournament


If you're looking for a fun outdoor activity, Blackthorn Golf Club has just the thing for you.

The club is looking for at least 50 volunteers for its 6th Annual Four Winds Invitational.

The tournament runs from June 9th through the 11th.

They need volunteers for driving golf carts, scorekeeping, and caddying.

Shifts are four hours long and you will be paid in free food and a free round of golf.

Blackthorn’s general manager says it's a great opportunity for all golf fans.

“It's a great way to see professional golf up close and personal with the players; you're inside the ropes so to speak. And there are plenty of ways to volunteer; if you have physical limitations, we can find something for you to do. So, just a lot of ways to get involved in this tournament to raise money for charity and be part of a professional golf tournament,” said Tim Firestone, Blackthorn’s general manager. 

All the money raised at the tournament will go towards the Beacon Children's Hospital.

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