Residents say neighborhood is 'not safe' after a botched home invasion

NOW: Residents say neighborhood is ’not safe’ after a botched home invasion

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - At around 2:00 Wednesday morning, two people tried to break into a house on the 900 block of South Gladstone Street, according to police. One was found in the 900 block of Edison Street with a gunshot wound. Police said they think that suspect suffered that injury while trying to break into the house. The other suspect was found at Memorial hospital being treated for an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police. Neighbors near the house in question said they were scared of what will happen next and that it all hit a little too close to home.

"It was so very close," said Nayeli Carela who has lived on the 900 block of South Gladstone Street for about five years. "It could have been us. It's not safe. The neighborhood is not safe."

Carela said she heard five gunshots early Wednesday morning. Another neighbor who spoke anonymously out of concern for his safety said he heard those shots, too while sitting with his young son at home.

"Oh, it's scary," that neighbor said. "I couldn't sleep after that last night because my whole thing is if I woke up and my son was bled out in his room or my pregnant girlfriend was shot, I don't know what I'm supposed to do in a situation like that."

Police said they were originally called out to a report of shots fired on Silver Lane, but were re-routed to Gladstone when they discovered the two shooting victims.

"Upon investigation, officers learned that both shooting victims were attempting to break into a home on the 900 block of South Gladstone," South Bend Police Department Media Liaison Christine Karsten said. "That's when residents fired shots."

Karsten said the incident was still under investigation, but did have a message for homeowners to keep in mind if someone breaks into their home.

"You cannot be replaced," Karsten said. "Your possessions can. Call 9-1-1 as fast as you can so we can get our officers there. Think about any descriptions that you see of those who are entering your home. Be the best witness you can. If you have an alarm, set that off. Ultimately, get yourself in a safe place."

Neighbors also had a message to share. The neighbor who spoke anonymously said there are other things to consider than just the parties involved when shooting a gun in a neighborhood.

"Bullets travel with velocity and speed," that neighbor said. "You just can't be doing stuff like that. It's uncalled for. There's other people at risk."

Carela said this incident made her consider moving.

"Maybe," Carela said. "It's (moving is) a possibility. The neighborhood is not safe here."

Police said the incident was still under investigation but wanted anyone with any information to contact either Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP or at 800-342-STOP. or the South Bend Police Department Investigative Bureau at 574-235-9263.

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