Brawl at Hacienda restaurant, some 30 people fight over stolen cell phone

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - Police were called to Hacienda restaurant Wednesday night for a report of a large fight with 30 people.

Those inside the restaurant at the time told ABC 57 News that tables were over turned, there was screaming and yelling and chairs thrown.

Vicki Farmwald, Executive Vice President, COO of Hacienda told ABC 57 News that the two parties were fighting over a cell phone. It's unclear if the cell phone was taken in the restaurant or if was something that happened prior.

Farmwald made it clear that the fight occurred in the bar area of the restaurant and not in the family dining area.

According to the Call for Service report from the Mishawaka Police Department they responded to a panic alarm at Hacienda at 700 Lincolnway West at 9:40 p.m. The alarm would typically be used for a robbery.

According to officers no one was arrested and no one was injured. A police report was not written for both of those reasons, so the names of those involved are not available.

Hacienda released this statement Thursday afternoon, "This was an unusual and isolated incident-but one that we take seriously. For 34 years, Hacienda has provided this community a fun and safe place for food and drink. We will take every precaution to assure that this history of great dining experiences continues."

Wednesday night is $1.00 margarita night at Hacienda, Farmwald couldn't confirm if alcohol was involved, "I don't know what was on their meal ticket." 

Farmwald tells a different story than witness accounts, she said tables were no overturned and nothing was broken inside the restaurant. She did admit that chairs were shoved. She said the argument remained verbal and that a physical altercation didn't occur.

Jenell DeHart was there with friends as the brawl happened, "I mean the outbreak, I've never seen anything like it before. It was very shocking, I can't believe it." 

DeHart said she saw the table over turned and heard a lot of screaming and yelling.

"A couple people were arguing and then a couple turned into a crowd. It was just crazy! We ended up leaving, I've never seen anything like it." 

Those eating at Hacienda Thursday were surprised to learn about what happened there the night before.

"I never thought hat Hacienda would have a brawl cuz, I mean, it's a family restaurant," Amanda Vervynckt said as she left the restaurant.

Vervynckt has been eating at Hacienda since she was a little kid, she said this incident won't stop her from eating there in the future.

"If it's only once, I mean, I would still come here." 


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