Person found dead inside car in St. Joseph River

OSCEOLA, Ind. - A person was found dead inside a car in St. Joseph River Sunday morning.

St. Joseph County Police received a call from someone in the 700 block of Vistula Road around 7:30 a.m. saying they saw a vehicle in the St.Joe River at the dead end of the road.

First responders arrived and found a body in the car.

Police then contacted their dive team and the Department of Natural Resources to remove the car from the water.

Police believe the car went into the water in the overnight hours Saturday night.

Coroner's office has ordered for an examination to see if they can determine what might have caused the driver to go into the water.

Police say it is too early to know if drugs or alcohol were a factor.

Police found a person inside a black car in St. Joseph River in Osceola.

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