Bystander helps West Jefferson Apartment shooting victim

NOW: Bystander helps West Jefferson Apartment shooting victim


MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Two bystanders helped save a shooting victim Tuesday night in the parking lot of the West Jefferson Apartment Complex. 

ABC57 spoke to one of them last night, but today the other talked. He said all he cared about in the moment was making sure the victim lived to see another day. 

“It was kind of more fight or flight kind of thing," said Trevor Emery. "I just assessed the scene, saw him laying on the ground. All I wanted to do was help, make sure he stayed alive."

Trevor Emery jumped into action Tuesday night, after witnessing a blue car with a missing window speed out of the West Jefferson Apartment Complex in Mishawaka and finding a young man with a gun shot wound.

"There was a lot of blood coming from him," said Emery. "You could see the puddle around him. (I) ran up to him, took off my hoodie, noticed the large amount of blood coming from his side. Immediately started applying pressure there." 

Emery described how he and the other man helped keep the victim alive.

"Just making sure he was maintaining consciousness because there was a couple of times he was slipping back, you could see the eye roll," said Emery. 

As of Wednesday, that victim was still in critical condition at a local hospital. A suspect is in custody in the St. Joseph County Jail, but Emery is focused on someone else.

“I’m just glad that you’re able to see another day," said Emery. "I just want him to be okay and know that god was on his side.“

The apartment's property manager said the situation is unfortunate, but the area and apartment is still safe. 

Mishawaka Police ask anyone with information to call the Detective's Bureau at (574)258-1684. 

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