Candidates visit polling locations in last minute pitch to voters

NOW: Candidates visit polling locations in last minute pitch to voters

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg spent Tuesday visiting polling locations to make one last pitch and to greet supporters.

Several candidates, including Buttigieg, met with voters at Webster Elementary School in Manchester.

Buttigieg took time to shake hands with voters before heading off to another precinct.

“I feel like Pete is the candidate who can reach out with bold, progressive ideas in a way that brings everyone along," said Bryce Kaw-Uh, a Buttigieg volunteer.

Most polls in New Hampshire place Buttigieg in second with Senator Amy Klobuchar gaining momentum.

“We need someone who can bring us together and she always talks about how she wants to be a president for not half the country, but for the whole country," said Rich Sigel, a Klobuchar volunteer.

Klobuchar pitched herself as the more experienced moderate when ABC57 asked how she stands out next to Buttigieg - who is also branding himself as bipartisan.

“I have a lot of respect for Pete but I know I’ve got the experience in two ways. Experience in getting things done in Washington D.C., passing over 100 bills more than anyone else. That’s in the Senate, that’s in the race, but second, I actually bring the receipts. I won in the red and purple districts," Klobuchar said.

For now the effectiveness of these candidates’ last efforts will be determined Tuesday night when the results are released.

“Nobody in this race has the life and leadership experience, both domestic and overseas that I have," candidate Deval Patrick said.

“Our campaign has been one step at a time the whole time. I am glad to be here," candidate Michael Bennet said.

“There is an alternative in the Republican Party. We don’t have to be satisfied with what we’ve got now," candidate Bill Weld said.

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