City of South Bend bracing for record-cold temperatures

NOW: City of South Bend bracing for record-cold temperatures


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Snow continues to fall in downtown South Bend on Tuesday. 

The city saw nearly eight inches of snow and record cold temperatures on Monday and Tuesday. Just two weeks ago, Mayor Pete Buttigieg along with city crew used rigs to pick up fallen leaves. 

Now, those same trucks have been re-outfitted in order to plow and salt the roads. 

“Unfortunately it’s an early winter for us but it’s also something that we’ve grown accustomed to in South Bend,” said Eric Horvath, South Bend Public Works Director. 

Horvath said the early winter did disturb the leaf pick up program that usually takes place during this time of year. He said the City will be at least a week behind on the program, as they wait for the snow to melt. 

Horvath said that his department has switched over to 24-hour operations. Crews are working twelve-hour shifts to keep the roads clear. 

“Last night we really saw it come in that snow came in that cold front moved in and then tonight it’s going to be even colder,” said Steve Camilleri, executive director of the Center for the Homeless.

But for the city’s most vulnerable population, Tuesday night’s single-digit temperatures are the biggest threat. 

“I think we really have to stop and realize how incredibly important and life-saving weather amnesty programs are,” said Camilleri. 

Weather amnesty at CFH started early this year on October 1. Camilleri said on average they take in 20 people a night. 

The city’s weather amnesty program with Hope Ministries shelters up to 70 people on cold nights, according to Camilleri. 

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