'Click it or ticket' campaign blitz

NOW: ’Click it or ticket’ campaign blitz


BREMEN, Ind.-- Click it or ticket!

It’s a saying many of heard before, but this November, Indiana State Police is joining forces with 250 other agencies working overtime to reduce motor vehicle deaths and injuries in Indiana.

Last year, out of the total number of motorists involved in passenger vehicle crashes, 90% were wearing a seat belt.

Despite this, unrestrained motorists accounted for over half of all vehicle fatalities in 2019, according to data from the criminal justice institute.

Drivers under the age 34, particularly young male drivers, were more likely to be found not wearing a seat belt.

Alarming numbers show individuals not buckled up in crashes were three times more likely to get injured when the driver was speeding and seven times more likely when the driver was impaired.

When it comes to seat belt safety, the department recommends making sure the lap belt is properly secured across the hip and pelvis, below the stomach.

The shoulder belt should be positioned across the middle of the chest and away from the neck and never behind the back or under an arm.

“The Thanksgiving holiday is a time when it does traditionally put more people on the road. More people on the road it increases the chances of being involved in a crash. We’re going to be out there looking now until the end of the month. The point isn’t to get a lot of tickets written. It’s to get out there, let people know, we look all the time but there’s going to be extra patrols looking all the time. Do the safe and simple thing and put your seat belt on," said Indiana State Police Sergeant, Ted Bohner.

Violators will face a fine of about $25 dollars, the citation does not put points on your license, however, officials mention it's a simple task that can save your life and your passengers life.

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