Cold temps brought in from snow storm lead to good ice fishing in southwest Michigan

NOW: Cold temps brought in from snow storm lead to good ice fishing in southwest Michigan

CASSOPOLIS, Mi. -- The snow from the storm of the season may have stopped falling, but the temperatures are still well below freezing, and the wind chill is not helping things along-- although it is helping some outdoor enthusiasts: ice fishers.

They gathered on Stone Lake earlier this afternoon, and made the most of the freezing cold temps brought by this latest snowstorm. 

“I came out about three o’clock," said one of them, preferring to go by Tim. “I was gonna try to catch some bluegill before I tried to catch some crappie. I was supposed to meet my buddy out around five, and you see he’s still not here yet, but I’ve caught some fish and they’re still biting!”

Ice fishermen, like Tim, told me that this year, so far, has been the best for ice fishing in a while, saying that last year was off and on. What's made the difference has been the long stretches of freezing temperatures in Michiana.

“It’s been a lot safer than it has in recent years, for me anyway," said Tim. “It’s been good because we’ve had a lot of ice. I mean, it’s safe ice and that cold water brings good fish.”

I joined Tim out on the lake as he sat by his hole in the ice, monitoring his fish finder. The only thing keeping his bare hands warm was the heat from a lantern he brought with him-- catching three bluegill for a total of nine fish.

Tim, who lives in South Bend, told me that the ice fishing in southwest Michigan is some of the best their is. 

“All the lakes around Edwardsburg, Cass, Dowagiac, Sister Lakes-- if you fish bluegills, you come to southwest Michigan.”

And he hoped the cold temperatures will last, so he can get in as much ice fishing as he can. 

“I invested in some gear, so finally I bought some stuff and its in the mail!" he said. "I hope it keeps up for at least two weeks!”

For anyone interested in ice fishing, Tim advised to go out with someone who's an experienced ice fisher.

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