Companies adjust to rise in demand for medical supplies

NOW: Companies adjust to rise in demand for medical supplies

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Medical supply companies are adjusting to the growing need for supplies in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Alick's Home Medical in South Bend is one of the many medical supply distributors seeing a boom in business. 

Alick's owner, Nafe Alick, says there was initially a surge in sales for N95 masks. "We unfortunately did not allocate very well," said Alick. "People who were headed to the South Pacific, Thailand, we sold a significant number to a few people and so we ran out very quickly."

As more became known about how Coronavirus affects the body, the Alick's saw the demand for breathing machines rise. "It has been even more pronounced now for oxygen, other breathing, devices, nebulizers, is a big deal," said Alick.

Alick says with many of his clients being elderly, he's been concerned about the safety of his technicians. "If we’re allowed to come in to set up the equipment, they’re wearing gloves, and as of this week, they’re also wearing an N95 mask," said Alick.

 Alick is hoping the public continues to take the threat of the virus spreading seriously so that people don't continue to get sick. "Obviously, we’re asking, for all parties, us as well as the consumers, to please let’s work together and let’s make sure that we go from here to a better place," said Alick. 

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