Company making shields for medical professionals

NOW: Company making shields for medical professionals


EDWARDSBURG, Mich. — A company here in Michiana is partnering with a new Facebook group who is matching up health care workers with RV owners in their area!

The goal is to help give front line workers in need of a safe space to quarantine through the pandemic.

The partnership with the RV’s for MD’s group comes as DuoForm Plastics is working to expand what they are already doing to help the community and country through this pandemic.

The dove head first into face shields and other divider products and are now wanting to give back in a bigger way.

Duo has been at the heart of the thermoforming manufacturing industry here in Michiana for the past 50 years making just about anything for the inside of RV’s.

“Were mainly an RV supplier and then we heard about this great group called RV’s for MD’s,” said DuoForm President, Shelly Ditmer.

A new Facebook group that now has over 15,000 likes on facebook.

“I heard it through you know the weekly news releases we get in the RV industry and the first thing we thought of is wow this is a great group and what can we do,” said Ditmer.

Their main priority it to match unused RV’s with medical staff and first responders in need of a safe place to quarantine.

DuoForm wanted to help and raise the bar.

“So we reached out to them and said we can donate 500 shields to all your doctors your pairing up with RV’s,” said Ditmer.

500 shields certainly seems like a lot.

“And then we found out they’ve been paired up to 1500 RVS with front line health care workers already!” said Ditmer.

Quickly Duo realized that 500 would not cover all of those workers plus the 1400 on the waitlist to be matched with an RV.

“So we’re donating the 500 and then for everyone we sell online we’re going to donate another one,” said Ditmer.

The decision to partner up and donate shields was seen as a step in the right direction toward some sort of normalcy.

“We really want to help the country, help our front line workers get things back to normal or our new normal and get people back our adventuring out camping so it ties in well with what we do,” said Ditmer. “We’re really wanting to push these online sales and donate more as much as we can.”

DuoForm says they plan to continue this giving as long as there is a need.

Their next project will be launching in June as they make a special shield with American flags on them to benefit our military and first responders through an organization called Tunnels to Towers.

If you are interested in any of the DUOform products you can buy them online through their website at or through their Amazon store.

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