Coroner, deputy coroner help save accident victims life

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. –  While returning to Plymouth from a fatal accident in Bremen, the Marshall County coroner and deputy coroner helped save the life of an accident victim Monday.

According to a press release from the coroner’s office, County Coroner Bill Cleavenger and Deputy Coroner Lisa Richards were in traffic from a crash at North Michigan and Baker Street when they received a call over the radio that a man in the crash was having a heart attack.

Just a little over a block away, Cleavenger and Richards responded to the scene with the AED in their vehicle.

Richards, a paramedic-firefighter with the Plymouth Fire Department, applied the AED while Cleavenger began chest compressions.

When police and fire responded to the accident scene, they took over treatment of the victim.

The Coroner’s Office says Chief Deputy and former Coroner John Grolich was instrumental in furnishing all county emergency vehicles with AEDs.

Cleavenger says people are often amused by the fact the coroner’s vehicle is equipped with an AED.

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