Couple pays $5,800 for a night at A Christmas Story house


A couple lived out their love for A Christmas Story by staying inside the home where the movie was filmed.

On Christmas Eve hundreds of people go to the "A Christmas Story" house to take pictures.

On Christmas Day, a Seymour, Indiana family spent the night just like the Parkers did.

“We can actually sleep in Randy and Ralphie's bed if we want to,” said Angela Kincaid.

“Being here to experience it is a dream come true,” said Lonny Kincaid.

The Kincaids bid $5,800 to spend the night in the home.

 “If you want something and you want to do something you just got to go for it. That's kind of our thing,” said Lonny.

They say it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The money from the auction goes to charity which keeps up the Tremont neighborhood.

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