Crypto currency scam in Van Buren County costs victims nearly $100,000

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. - The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of an uptick in crypto currency scams. Recent victims have been scammed out of nearly $100,000 combined.

Criminals are sending emails posed to look like they’re from legitimate companies. In the emails, recipients are told they’re subscribed to or have renewed an account, they have a virus, or their accounts are at risk.

To rectify the issue, victims are ordered to call the scammer and transfer money using a money app or crypto currency.

These scammers even direct the call to someone who sounds like they’re from the fraud department at victims' banks. Scammers might even tell victims they’ve deposited the wrong amount of money and that if they don’t deposit more, the scammer will lose their job.

If you’re ever in doubt about the legitimacy of a phone call like this, you’re told to go to a physical branch of your bank and speak to someone there. You can also go to your bank’s website and call the number listed.

Banks will not ask someone to move money and deposit it in crypto currency or a money app. Further, a local credit union said they’ll never send a link about fraud through email.

Residents are warned not to give out financial information unless you’re sure the request is from your bank.

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