Cunningham to be inducted into Ring of Honor


Most people know Beth Cunningham as a key piece to Muffet McGraw's coaching staff, but what some may not remember is the impact Beth Morgan made as a player.

"Beth was the first big player we ever got," McGraw recalled.

Coming off a losing season, Morgan still decided to come to South Bend to help build a program. In her time at Notre Dame, she set 28 school records and still holds 11 today. McGraw recalls one "record" that likely will never be broken.

"She was the only player to ever get a standing ovation at Connecticut when she came off the court," McGraw said.

The drive and passion she showed as a player translated perfectly into her becoming a coach, getting her start at VCU before coming back to her Alma mater.

"She's just driven, she works so hard, and it was all about get in the gym and getting your work done, didn't ever care anything about herself, always a team player and that's what she wants now from these guys, she wants them to win," McGraw said.

Today, it's expected for Notre Dame to compete for national championships on an annual basis, and it was all started by one of the program's best.

"She brought us to where we could get there and I think we saw that team and really realized that the dream was alive, that was the start of it, that first one is the toughest to get," McGraw said.

"It was something I dreamed about before I even came here, you know 17-18 year old freshman these are the kind of things we wanted to do and just happy I was able to be a small part of it," Cunningham said.

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