Dancing with our Stars

We need help.

And, a lot of it!

Not so much with the dancing, although, if you have any tips on keeping your balance while dancing in 3" heels let me know!

The assistance we need is financial.  And, every little bit helps!

One night in The Center for the Homeless is $39, so that is the cost of one vote, but even a dollar gets us one step closer to the trophy!

Here is the link for voting.

If you want to donate enough for a whole vote, you can enter the amount at the top of the page, underneath our photo.  But, if you would like to contribute any amount, scroll down a little farther, and you will see a spot for "donation".  You can enter any amount in that field, just make sure ABC 57 Dance Team is selected!

Thank you so much for your help, and we promise not to let you down on the dance floor.  

We will be sparkling from head to toe, and shaking it for every last dollar!

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