Disaster recovery center opens in Plymouth

NOW: Disaster recovery center opens in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- 

A disaster recovery center in opened in Plymouth on Monday. It will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Wednesday. 

"We're here for three days down in Plymouth to make sure that people have easy access to our representatives," said Rita Egan, media relations specialist with FEMA. "FEMA offers grants to get you started, but the small business administration, which is our partner in the recovery process, helps you long term."

Long-term help is something already common in the community. 

Neighbors came together to form the Marshall County Long-Term Recovery Operations team after the flood. 

"We've been meeting every week with our community partners and with those outside organizations as well to kind of navigate our way through this recovery process," said Linda Yoder, the director of the Long-Term Recovery Operations. 

The team has been hosting fundraisers and working to get flood victims the help they need. 

They anticipate about $450,000 needed to get the community back on its feet after FEMA and insurance. 

A current fundraiser can be found here

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