Drivers concerned with pavement material on Orange Road

NOW: Drivers concerned with pavement material on Orange Road


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Residents living on Orange Road in St Joseph County have a newly paved street, but they’re worried that the materials used for the job are experimental and will only cause more headaches.

Neighbors say they’ve been driving along crumbling roads for years, and now that the county has repaved the street they’re still frustrated with the road they live on.

“It had lots of pot holes in fact, I had to change my suspension in my car a few months ago, it’s been in really bad shape,” said one neighbor living on the street.

“We were all super excited that we were getting this new paved road. Unfortunately, whatever they did is unlike road I’ve ever seen,” said the man.

Neighbors are frustrated with the flexible surface arguing ruts are being created in the road.

“I could take a stick and just poke right down in through the middle of it,” the neighbor said.

Plus they say it is a mess for their cars and homes.

 “We want an explanation. When’s this gonna set up, or how long it will take? Are you gonna taper our driveways off? What’s the next step?” asked a different neighbor named Dan.

The county tells ABC57 neighbors have nothing to worry about.

“It’s a cold constructed asphalt pavement, “explained County Engineer Jessica Clark.

“This material remains tender for several days.”

“It actually doesn’t reach its peak strength until a week after you place it. What they’re seeing today is exactly what they should be seeing,” said Clark.

Clark says the material has been used successfully throughout the state for three years, including in Marshall County.

“This type of pavement is very flexible. It heals itself. It bends more than breaks, so it’s very resistant to cracking and those types of things,” said Clark.

Clark also explained that the product will heal itself during freeze, thaw weather cycles.

“My hope and the resident’s hope is that it gets handled and it gets handled quickly,” said one neighbor.

“We’re gonna be coming back out and finishing that cover aggregate that is the driving surface and also doing some approach work. And, then we gotta do the shoulders and stripe it and then they’ll be able to drive on that surface for years to come,” said Clark.

Officials say this application is very affordable and costs half the price of conventional paving, and the product is on another roadway in the county.

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