During robbery, suspect apologizes to clerk

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — A local gas station cashier was robbed for the fourth time in two years early Tuesday morning. The robbery happened at the 7-Eleven at Main and Catalpa in Mishawaka.

Every night Mary Loriot comes to work she worries about getting robbed. And on Tuesday morning that nightmare became a reality.

"It's a shame, it's a shame, because I really feel it's such a small amount of money. They're getting five years in prison for that quick high, for whatever they're getting it for," said Loriot.

According to Loriot, the suspect walked in, poked around the store and then went up to the register demanding cash. He kept his hand in his pocket, making a motion that he had some sort of weapon.

"The thing that gets me is they can come in with a weapon because it's concealed and are able to get away and run right over to the those apartment complex and I swear it's for drugs," said Loriot.

And not even the security monitor placed a just feet away from the cash register deterred the suspect. Loriot says luckily everything was caught on surveillance video.

"Very interesting about this particular robber is that he apologized," she said. "He apologized after the deed was done and said 'I'm sorry about this.'"

The suspect got away with less than $30. Cashiers are not allowed to keep large amounts of money in their tills. They are required to make drops throughout the night.

"I see the world getting worse," said Loriot . "I see it happening not only to us but Marathon convenience stores all around."

Police are still searching for the suspect.

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