Early stretch of 80s lasts through Saturday

NOW: Early stretch of 80s lasts through Saturday

Temperatures soared into the 80s again Tuesday across Michiana, forcing many to turn on the air-conditioning for the first time this year.

While thermometers hitting 80 in May isn't that unusual, a five or six day stretch of 80-degree highs this early in the year is quite rare. In fact, if temperatures eclipse 80 degrees until Saturday (as is forecast), it would be the earliest 6 day stretch of 80-degree heat in more than 85 years! May 2022 would be in the company of the heart of the Dust Bowl (1934 and 1936, to be more exact).  

The humidity was noticeable higher Tuesday, with dew points nearing 70 in many locations. That kind of humidity is well-above normal, just like these temperatures.

Highs could tie or break daily records Wednesday in South Bend. 

The humidity should take a dip by Thursday, but it takes until the start of next week to see temperatures fall out of the 80s. 

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