Edwardsburg sees heavy snow, roads stay clear

EDWARDSBURG, Mi.— Edwardsburg saw a back and forth between blue sunny skies, and heavy snow and cloudy skies throughout the day Tuesday.

Those scattered intermittent snow showers left a few inches pilling up on the ground, but, for the most part the roads stayed clear.

“The road commission has routes that they take care of every day. They start with the main roads first and work from there. They’ve been keeping up with the roads pretty good today though in our area,” says Police Chief Douglas Westrick.

Chief Westrick says Ontwa Township had no reported accidents throughout the day and he’s hoping it’ll stay that way as the snow continues.

“Couple key things to remember. Make sure you have a full tank of gas. Slow down. If you have to get out, give yourself plenty of time to get there, have a hat and gloves, warm cloths and take your time getting where you need to go,” says Chief Westrick.

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