Clay Fire rescues ducklings from sewer

Clay fire

CLAY TOWNSHIP, Ind.-- The Clay Fire Department responded to an animal rescue at the intersection of State Road 933 and Darden Road on Thursday afternoon after receiving reports of ducklings stuck in a sewer.

Ducklings stuck in storm sewer. Clay Fire

The crew of Squad 21 was summonsed to assist with rescuing the ducklings who had fallen into the storm sewer along the side of the road.

According to the emergency responders, the baby ducks had fallen through the grates while attempting to cross the busy highway. It is unknown how long the ducklings were entrapped in the storm sewer.

The rescue operation was not without its challenges, as the crew had to navigate through the effort of removing the heavy steel grate and working below grade, all while watching for traffic on the busy highway. In the rescue effort, all eight ducklings were successfully removed from the storm sewer.

Fire crews say the rescued baby ducks were handed over safely to the Humane Society.

The successful rescue of these eight ducklings serves as a reminder of the dedication and commitment shown by emergency responders.

Their mission "To Help Others" extends to every member of our community, even those with feathers and bills.

Ducklings saved from storm sewer. Clay Fire

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