Elderly couple trapped in elevator

You might use it every day but have you ever thought about what happens if you get stuck.

A Mishawaka couple, married 67 years, was trapped inside an elevator for nearly 40 minutes, Tuesday morning.

It happened on West Jefferson Blvd inside the Memorial Leighton Healthplex Building just after 11 a.m.

Phyllis and Edgar Allen, 87 and 89 years old, were on their way up to the fourth floor when things took a dramatic turn.

It took 36 minutes for fire crews to rescue the Allens.

The city responded today with this statement

“Our elevators are maintained in accordance with state law, and are inspected regularly.  We strive to maintain the highest safety standards in all of our elevators.”

Battalion Chief Mark Catanzarite says every elevator in an Indiana has buttons you need to be aware of.

The phone button connects you to a monitoring company you can talk with.

There’s also a bell button you can press. An internal alarm will go off so people inside know your trapped.

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