Elkhart community says goodbye to hit-and-run victims

NOW: Elkhart community says goodbye to hit-and-run victims

ELKHART, Ind. — The community united Friday to lie to rest two victims in Saturday’s deadly hit-and-run in Elkhart.

Mayor Tim Neese one of hundreds gathered at Northside Church of Nazarene this afternoon to mourn as the search for a suspect continues.

“We as human beings struggle to comprehend such horrible acts like this,” said Elkhart’s mayor Tim Neese.

The mayor, much like many other residents, was shaken Saturday.

Police say someone driving a Cadillac struck five people, killing three.

“It’s a very difficult thing and no easy answers for why these things happen,” said Tim Sheets, the lead pastor of Northside Church of Nazarene. “I am thankful that our church can minister to the family and also to have the community apart of being here and being a presence.”

Two of the three victims, 8-month old Dolly Smith and 11-year old Courtney Smith were remembered during the ceremony.

The event saw an overwhelming response from the community.

“Hopefully this is something to bring our city together, and some good news, being united like this,” said Pastor Sheets.

The community stood together in light of this tragedy.

Elkhart’s fraternal order of police sent flowers, while members of the fire department paid their respects in person.

The list of names looking to support this grieving family grew long by the events end.

And even in mourning, the family is still looking for justice.

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