Engineers respond to problem on Portage Road

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Neighbors have seen dozens of slide-offs and wrecks on Portage Road in the past two weeks. St. Joseph County engineers tell ABC57 they are looking into the issue.

On Sunday we told you about a place on Portage Road where cars are constantly crashing.

Since Sunday the snow has been removed so drivers can see the drop-off and potholes on the side of the road.

Nancy Chudzicki said in the past few weeks she's counted 20 slide-offs on her block of Portage Road.

Chudzicki, said, “When the roads are slippery they lose it and they either do fishtails and end up across the road on the other side in the oncoming lane or in the ditch.”

Chudzicki said on Thursday night a car crashed into a tree, and a passenger was taken to the hospital.


“It could really cause a really bad accident if they either hit that... or when they get in the other lane, and hit somebody else head on," said Chudzicki.

On Friday St. Joseph County's Engineering Department said they are looking into the problem. They have requested all the crash records from MACOG.

Jessica Clark said, “I have contacted them to take a look at the crash history over the last three years on that stretch of road from South Bend all the way to the state line.”

Neighbors have doubts that the statistics will reveal the problem because many drivers just call a tow truck, and don't report it to police.

Chudzicki said, “It all needs to be graded so that it’s level and there’s not a ravine there.”

Engineers said they will consider installing a hazard sign in the 5500 block of Portage Road.

Clark said, “If we have a narrow shoulder or drop-off, yes, those are the types of warning signs that we can look to install.”

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