Enrollment, funding up at School City of Mishawaka

NOW: Enrollment, funding up at School City of Mishawaka

School is out for the School City of Mishawaka (SCM) and the district’s grade is in.

School officials say the 2016/2017 school year was largely successful for the district.

They feel the two referendums folks approved in November really helped the corporation build momentum.

“The community believes in the district and believes in the vision and plan that we have for the dollars moving forward which I believe is key to our success,” said Assistant Superintendent Theodore Stevens.

The aggressive marketing campaign to attract out-of-district kids to Mishawka schools has been a success.

“As of today, June 5th, I think we have 108 students committed to coming to the district,” said Stevens.

In Februarys 2016 enrollment was at 4,968.

This year, 5,096 students were enrolled in the district.

“School City [of Mishawaka] is positioned to be successful but yet still have further room to grow as we move down the road,” said Stevens.

It’s a road clear of detours thanks to voters in November.

They secured $26 million for the district across two referendums.

“We really want to make sure we’re following through and we’re informing the public of how we’re spending those dollars,” said Stevens.

They’re spending those dollars on needed improvements.

“It’s exciting, it’s has been something that’s needed to be done,” said Mike Faulker, SCM’s Director of Operations.

The district’s operations director laid out improvements, including a new security vestibule and new locks on classroom doors.

“That’s another measure we’re taking for safety and security,” said Faulkner.

Officials say those capital projects are keeping this school corporation competitive and not complacent after another good year.

“You’re always learning, always evolving and you may not be quite there yet,” said Stevens.

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