Eric Logan’s family assembles petition against officer involved in shooting

NOW: Eric Logan’s family assembles petition against officer involved in shooting


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Family and supporters of Eric Logan, the car break-in suspect shot and killed by South Bend Police Officer Ryan O’Neill, want action from South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

The family has assembled a petition, asking the Mayor to remove Officer O’Neill from South Bend Police Department.

Family and supporters of Eric Logan marched with that petition from his memorial on Williams Street to the Mayor’s office in the County-City Building downtown.

“My brother can’t speak for himself, so I have to speak for him,” said Logan’s Brother Tyree Bonds.

Common Council Member Regina Williams–Preston showed her support to the Logan family at the march. She acknowledged though, Indiana law prevents the Mayor from taking such action.

“What we can do in the interest in transparency is identify those laws, identify those polices, pull out the municipal code. Let’s look at the contract, whatever those documents are that demonstrate what we can do or what we can’t do,” she said.

When protesters arrived, the only person in the Mayor’s Office was an intern, stopping the delivery of the petition.

The march happened just hours after Special Prosecutor Rick Hertel addressed the public about his role in the investigation.

On Monday, Pete Buttigieg updated the South Bend Common Council on the city’s response to the deadly officer-involved shooting.

The Mayor’s Office tells ABC57 this case will be evaluated for discipline at the conclusion of the Special Prosecutor and internal affairs investigations.

The protesters say they will keep trying to get the petition to the Mayor.

“We gone fight, and fight, and fight, and fight,” said Bonds.

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