Family of man killed in Olive Street shooting speaks out

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The family of one of the victims shot and killed in a South Bend double shooting is speaking out.

The shooting happened Sunday morning near Olive and Bulla streets. The gunman opened fire on the neighborhood and then on police. Officers returned fire, shooting the man several times.

Witnesses say it was Brandon Biffle that shot and killed  53-year-old Johnnie Avance and 55-year-old Donald Paris, Sr.

55-year-old Paris, Sr., was walking his dog down Olive Street like he did every day. "A lot of neighbors said he was a nice guy, he didn't both anybody, he just walked up and down the street with his dog. It was just a normal, everyday routine for him," said his daughter Julie Brooks. 

This Sunday morning was different, though. According to witnesses Biffle walked out of a neighbor's house and just started shooting.

Paris, Sr., only had time to ask, 'what are you doing?' before he was shot once in the chest. Then family said, Biffle walked up to Paris while he was on the ground and shot him again in the head -- killing him. 

"My whole world just changed, with one little phone call. I miss him," said Brooks.

Brooks said she can't believe he is gone and can't believe someone could hurt an innocent stranger. Now, she and the rest of her family are clinching to the memories of happier times.

"He was a very good dad. He was pretty awesome. We never went without, we were poor, but we never went without. He always took care of us," said Brooks. 

Now, she is only left with one question -- why? Although she may never get the answer, she says she is not angry with the man that killed her father.

"I don't have no hate, but I want him to get what he deserves," said Brooks.

Brooks said funeral arrangements are under way. The Family said Paris, Sr., will be buried at a family plot in Toledo, Ohio. 

So far, the gunman has not been formally charges with either murder. 

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