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Fans brave brutal weather conditions to see Garth Brooks at Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Despite the cold weather, heavy, winds and even snow fans who attended Garth Brooks at Notre Dame still say they had a good time. 

For some, the fun outweighed the cold. 

"We had a blast!" Bob Gray said. "Who cares (about the cold)? You know we weren’t even cold! It was so much fun in spite of it and in fact the snow was so fun just to see it. So, October, outside, Garth brooks, are you kidding?"

 Others had to leave to show early after spending nearly 7 hours in the out in the cold for Garth. 

"It was awesome," Brian Cunningham said. "The atmosphere, we got in there and it was down pouring snow and it cleared up and I mean it's cold but it was a good time."

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