Fans weigh in on whether Notre Dame will have a football season

NOW: Fans weigh in on whether Notre Dame will have a football season

There are just 17 days until the start of Notre Dame's football season. The university hasn't announced whether they will allow fans in the stand due to COVID-19.

South Bend residents and out-of-town visitors gave their opinions on whether the blue and gold will actually play football this season.

“Yes," said Ian Jones, a Notre Dame graduate student.

“I do. I'm hoping very hard that they do," fan Jerry Huener said.

“There is a strong possibility," visitor Nicole Rendolph said.

Every person said they believe the team will play this season.

As for fans in the stands, the university hasn't released the capacity limit - only that they are not selling single game tickets this season.

One fan had an idea on how to decide.

“I think you got to divide by 6 or something like that right, so whatever it holds maybe it’s 10,000 people is the most you’d want in there and you got to give students the first pick,” Huener said.

Some ACC teams are allowing spectators, others aren’t.

Many Irish fans in South Bend say if the season goes on as scheduled, they’d love to get a chance to sit inside Notre Dame Stadium.

“If I was close by, yes I would," Rendolph said.

“I wouldn’t have no problem going, and having a good time watching Notre Dame win,” said David Gaff, a South Bend resident.

Regardless of what’s to come, it all goes back to one little question.

“Do I think Notre Dame football is going to have a season? Well judging how quickly they cancelled classes you’d think no, but I am hopeful. I would really love to tailgate, my gut is telling me I'll say yes," fan Ari Williams said.

Regardless of how many fans are allowed in the stadium, there will be plenty of people to cheer on the Irish.

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