Father speaks out after arrest made in cold case

After a three week manhunt, police made an arrest in the 2010 murder of Bernard Vaughn Jr.    

23 year old Dionte Calhoun was charged with the murder in December of 2014 

"I had to forgive the act of that sin which was murder because it stumbled my life," said Bernard Vaughn Sr., the victim's father.

On July 21, 2010, 17 year old Bernard Vaughn Jr. was shot and killed inside his home.

Years later, investigators made a breakthrough and announced Calhoun as a suspect.

Police reached out to the public, asking for information on where Calhoun may be hiding. Calhoun was apprehended January 14th in Chicago.

"Sorta drove us to really keep after this and this week it finally came to fruition  we were able to get enough information to put together a charge," said Lt. Dave Wells, the assistant commander with the Metro Homicide Unit.

The arrest brings a small sigh of relief for a grieving father.

"You know it's more of a torment for four years knowing that someone did something like this not knowing, will they ever get caught?" said Vaughn.

Vaughn Sr. says God has helped him make the decision to forgive 

"The greatest gift he gave was love so I had to hate the act of his sin but to love him in spite of," said Vaughn.

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