FFRF reacts to Concord Christmas Spectacular


The Freedom From Religion Foundation is reacting to Concord High School’s Christmas Spectacular performance.

The FFRF is representing a student who is suing the school for the use of nativity scene in the show.

After a federal judge prohibited a live nativity scene at this year’s show, the school put a nativity made up of mannequins in its place over the weekend.

Many audience members said they were thrilled to see any kind of nativity on stage, but not everyone is so pleased.

“It's not just bad manners, they just don't get it at all,” Annie Laurie Gaylor of the FFRF said.

Gaylor says the FFRF believes the nativity in this year’s show is in contempt of court.

“This is so clearly what the judge was telling them not to do,” Gaylor said.

Gaylor says she doubts the FFRF will file new complaints in reaction to the nativity, but  hopes it helps their case, which continues in January.

“I the judge will be very angry about this, and it will add evidence and weight to our challenge about what's wrong with the school districts promotion of religion,” Gaylor said. 

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