Folks in Niles come out of hiding from the brutal heat

NILES, Mich. – Folks in Niles Michigan enjoyed an outdoor concert at Riverfront Park on this beautiful day that is 12 whole degrees cooler than Saturday.

People were biking, listening to music from the concert and some were just out at the park enjoying the cooler temperatures.

People at Riverfront Park in Niles had a lot to say about the weather the past three days.

“Terrible," said Niles resident David Vail.

“It was incredibly hot," said Niles resident John Lidecker.

“It was terrible," said Niles visitor Paul Charla.

But today the temperature dropped 12 degrees allowing folks in Niles to come out of hiding and enjoy a concert in this cool breeze.

“Probably the first time we have been out in a couple of weeks, because of this weather," said Vail.

“Compared to yesterday, it is winter-like," said Lidecker.

“Today it is nice.  There is a little wind and it is cooler," said Charla.

People at the park say they have been avoiding the heat at all costs.

“If it is too hot I don’t go outdoors," said Niles resident Fannie Probst.

They say it is hazardous to their health.

“I consider myself pretty elderly and I think it can be dangerous for some people," said Charla.

“We only take them out in the morning," said Vail.

They are enjoying today.

“Weather is beautiful," said Probst.

They are hoping the rest of summer will follow suit.

“Preferably 75 or 85 degree temperatures," said Vail.

“Weather like this would be fine, maybe a little cooler," said Charla.

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