Get ready for winter, it's a full moon tonight!

 How perfect that on the night we are reminded to "prepare for the coming winter" we are seeing some snow showers!

Tonight (November 10) is the Full Moon for the month of November!  It is the Full Beaver Moon.  For the Native Americans, this was the time to set traps and collect furs for the upcoming winter to ensure you had enough to stay warm through the winter.  It is also possible that this nickname arose from the beavers who were building dams, and getting themselves prepared for colder weather.

It is also known as the Frosty Moon (since temperatures are falling!  And, if not before November, the first hard frost will come this time of year).

Here are some other notable nicknames:

The Snow Moon

The Trading Moon

The Hunter's Moon

White Moon

Sassafras Moon

Moon When Horns are Broken Off

Dark Moon

Tree Moon

Hope you are able to enjoy the full moon of November!

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