Goshen police search for suspect in armed robbery

Goshen Police are on the lookout for the person who walked into a drug store filled with people and tried to rob it.

On Tuesday a little before 7:30 pm a suspicious man dressed in all black and wearing a bandana over his mouth and nose entered the Walgreens located at West Pike Street and Chicago Avenue in Goshen.

The man was armed with a gun and is described by witnesses as a light skinned male. He pointed the gun at the cashier. Five customers and five employees were in the store.

The armed man demanded that the cashier give him money, but he never got it. He ran off before police officers could arrive.

This scary scenario is something that nearby businesses say isn't common.

“Ya know working with other businesses in the area never heard any one comment about ya know about being robbed during the day we were broken into a couple years ago but that was at night while we were closed,” says David Kollar, owner of Casper's Coin and Jewelry of Goshen. 

David Kollar has been in business across the street from the Walgreens for almost five years and says he too was surprised to hear of the armed robbery.

Kollar added, “To hear the Walgreens got robbed is something very unusual for this area.”

Goshen police are asking for help in identifying the suspect  and if anyone has information they should  contact the Goshen Police Department at 574-533-8661 or email, [email protected] or they may call CrimeStoppers 1-800-342-STOP
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