Governor Holcomb shares statement on overnight protests

INDIANAPOLIS— Governor Eric Holcomb shared a statement on Saturday after overnight protests erupted throughout Indiana.

Protestors gathered in downtown Indianapolis on Friday night to speak out about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

Some of the protests, such as the ones in Indianapolis, ended in police firing tear gas to disperse the crowds, according to the Associated Press.

Governor Holcomb released the following statement: 

“Hoosiers have long been people who find solutions to the challenges we face, whether it be in response to a pandemic or to an injustice like the world witnessed so tragically inflicted upon Mr. George Floyd in Minnesota.

 As I stated yesterday, injuring the innocent in response to an injustice is counterproductive. I’ve asked the Indiana State Police to fully support and make resources available to local communities across our state to ensure our citizens and their property remain safe.

In the days ahead, peaceful assembly and clear voices will be important if we are to make progress.  Violence and vandalism will set us back in our shared desire to resolve differences.  Let us again, each of us, be part of the solution.”

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