Hagar Township unites in concern for officer injured in shooting

NOW: Hagar Township unites in concern for officer injured in shooting

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich - A Coloma resident reacts to the "shocking" news of an officer involved shooting, ending in a man's death.

In Hagar Township Monday, around 12:30 p.m. on Bundy Road, two Coloma Twp Police officers and one Berrien County Sheriff deputy responded to a "domestic incident."

This led to a gunfire exchange, injuring one officer and killing the 40-year-old male suspect, according to Michigan State Police. 

It is unknown who fired the first shot or how many shots were fired. 

The injured officer, Drew Wagner of the Coloma Township Police Department, is expected to be okay.

Now, Michigan State Police are leading the investigation.

One resident, Sandra Kraemer shares her concern about the injured officer. 

“I know we have a wonderful police department," she said. "I used to work for the township, so I know some of them personally. I don’t know the young man that was shot, if he's a new officer or he's been there awhile, but our community is very closely knit and we are all very upset at what has happened,” said Kraemer.

According to MSP, an autopsy being conducted today, and investigators are still trying to track down witnesses and gather more evidence to find out exactly what happened.

As of now, this is still an ongoing investigation, so stick with ABC57 News for more updates on air and online.

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